Advanced Introduction to Summer 2014 Comp 150


I am looking to have several opportunities with you to get used to the synchronous technology. We have been using Adobe Connect (First look at my Introduction to Adobe Connect) but we may be using a new better system - more info in early May.

I was thinking of test runs at the regular class time a week ahead, on

Monday May 12 and Thursday May 15, 5:30 PM

until people have their questions answered and get comfortable with the technology, meeting through

If you want to participate and neither of these times work for you, feel free to suggest another time.

The course home page, with all the course information will be

It is presently not all updated from Summer 2013. Summer 2014 will look a lot like summer 2013, whose archived web page is now at

I will make the edits for Summer 2014 at least a week before the semester starts and announce to the class. (The edit will mostly be shifting dates by one for the 2014 calendar.)

The plan is for synchronous meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 5:30-6PM, plus individual/pair consulting time, near class time, or possibly at other times like the middle of the day, if that fits your schedule and mine.

Note the first reading/viewing assignment will be due by the beginning of the first class: we have a lot to do in six weeks.

The biggest thing to add after the experience in the last several summers is that students cram too much into their schedules. As the summer 2013 syllabus says, expect to spend 5-7 hours outside of each class session. Also working together in pairs is very helpful. Last summer many people took on so much outside of the course, in the rest of their lives, that they had no regular time to plan to get together, or so little that it was impossibe to get together (even virtually) with a partner in the class. While you need to plan on 5-7 hours for every class, you need some flexibility in when that time is taken if you are going to coordinate with a partner. If you cannot do that, you could have a much harder time in this already rushed semester.

One further caution: At least last summer the university's online test of the acceptability of you internet connection set a rather low bar. Synchronous time together online can be quite frustrating if you are getting dropped repeatedly or getting a many-second delay. Be sure you have good, reliable high-speed internet, and good earphones and microphone, and a quiet place to be. It is not likely to go well if you are connecting from Europe or from the wireless in Starbucks. Also if we get much background noise from your microphone, or feedback because the sound from your earphones is not just going to your ears, then we will need to have your mic generally turned off, which is inconvenient for you when you want to add something to the conversation.

If you want to get an early start on the material, look to the videos and text and also to the latest software versions.

Feel free to email me with questions!