Using Xamarin in the Loyola University Labs

If you don’t have your laptop with you, you can still run Xamarin Studio on a Lab / classroom PC:

The specific version numbers listed below are for the Spring 2015 lab image.

Press the Windows key and select

All Programs -> Loyola Software -> Academic Applications -> Math and Computer Science

Scroll way to the bottom and you will find Xamarin Studio 5.2.1. (Do not select the option above it: Xamarin Studio 4.2.2.)

Double-click on the proper Xamarin entry. The first time in your login session that you do this, it installs the program first, and that may take several minutes - so start it right away after you log in. After Xaamarin Studio starts up, CLICK CANCEL WHEN AN UPGRADE WINDOW POPS UP - the lab version fails the upgrade, bombs out, and just wastes you a lot of time.

If Xamarin Studio does not start after the installation, or if you close it (or bomb after choosing to upgrade), press the Windows key and go through the process above. It will still take a little while, but should be a lot faster - no installation this time.

Note that you can run csharp by pressing the Windows key, typing Mono, and selecting Mono-3.2.3 Command Prompt. Then enter the command: csharp