Buchmann errors not listed in the Errata and errors in the Errata document itself

Page 14: 
The set off 
   a = rk, b = rk+1,
redefines a and b.  Instead use the following argument:

Suppose rn is the last nonzero element of the sequence, so  rn+1 = 0, then by Theorem 1.8.1 and the definition of the sequence,
    gcd(a, b) = gcd( r0, r1) = gcd(rk, rk+1), k = 1, 2, ... n.
At the last step we have
    gcd(a, b) =  gcd(rn, 0) = rn.
This is what is returned by the gcd algorithm.

Page 21:  The label (1.12) should be moved up to the previous equation.

Page 58:  Errata entry for page 59 is on page 58.

Page 68:  Errata should refer to 2.23.12 not 2.22.12

Page 117:  Second entry in Errata for that page should not refer to p. 105.

Page 168:  Errata should refer to Example 8.3.1 not 7.2.1.  Ignore the sentence fragement starting wih p. 145....

Page 171 Errata, Second error listed:  Page number is wrong - no idea?

Page 274:  Errata for page 279 should be for this page.  Also 1▀pmod4 appears to be a typo in the replacement problem.   1 mod 4 ??