Comp 331/431 Surveys

Please do both surveys.  I am required to put out the first one by the college.  The second is one that I made up that is specific enough to actually be useful to me.

There is a place at the end of the University Survey for a free-form overall comment.  If you make a comment there, I would appreciate you copying it into my personal survey.

1.  CAS Survey 

I would like to request you to evaluate the course, COMP 331/431: Cryptography, this term in the form of a short survey. We expect that it would take no more than five minutes to complete the survey.

The survey will be open between 12/2/2010 6am and 12/12/2010 6am.

Please click the link below that will take you to a brief description
of the survey followed by a set of eight questions.

Your input is valued and appreciated, and will provide the department
with important data to improve the course and instruction.

2.  My survey about the components of the course and teaching it again 

Find my survey here.    You know you have completed my survey successfully when you click the submit button, and then get a thank-you message back.  If you do not get to the thank-you message, your survey was not recorded.

This survey actually is helpful to me and the students that come after you!  You are under no obligation to answer anything, but I strongly appreciate your response any place that strikes you.  Places you have a strong positive or negative opinion are most important.