Dr. Andrew N. Harrington

NEW Office: 207 Doyle Hall, 1052 W Loyola Ave, 773-508-3569
Email Addresses: aharrin@luc.edu (as professor), gpd@cs.luc.edu (as GPD)
Web Page: anh.cs.luc.edu
Dept. Phone: 773-508-8150

I prefer emails instead of voice messages.

We have just moved our main department offices to Doyle Hall at the Lakeshore campus. Some arrangements are still being finalized. Please check back later where there is incomplete information.

Office Hours

I will have some office hours at the Watertower campus, mostly on Mondays: Location still to be determined. Other office hours in 207 Doyle Hall, Lake Shore Campus.

Tuesday, August 22: 2-3:30PM
Monday, August 28: 2-2:30PM (Doyle), 3:30-4PM (Watertower)
Tuesday, August 29: 2-2:45PM
Thursday, Sept 7: 1-2:30PM
Friday, Sept 8: 3-4PM (Watertower)
Monday, Sept 11: 3-4PM (Watertower)
Friday, Sept 15: 2-3:30PM
Monday, Sept 18: 3-4PM (Watertower)

If you have a factual question or want to suggest something or make another comment, e-mail is fine. Requests for help with a process are better discussed in real time.