Dr. Andrew N. Harrington

Office: cyberspace via Zoom and 773-508-3569
Email Addresses: aharrin@luc.edu (as professor), gpd@cs.luc.edu (as GPD through June)
Web Page: anh.cs.luc.edu
Dept. Main Phone: 773-508-8150

I prefer emails instead of voice messages.

Office Hours -- all online or by phone

I am mostly available by phone 773-508-3569 during business hours through June, and email. We can also set up a Zoom online meeting. From July until the shortly before school in the fall I may be much less available.

If you have a factual question or want to suggest something or make another comment, e-mail is fine. Requests for help with a process are better discussed in real time on the phone or in a Zoom meeting.