Dr. Andrew N. Harrington

Office: 207 Doyle Hall, 1052 W Loyola Ave, 773-508-3569
Email Addresses: aharrin@luc.edu (as professor), gpd@cs.luc.edu (as GPD)
Web Page: anh.cs.luc.edu
Dept. Main Phone: 773-508-8150

I prefer emails instead of voice messages.

Department Access

People visiting Doyle Hall without Loyola ID need to phone to get access to the front door (either the phone on the wall outside the entrance or your cell). Call me, 773-508-3569, and if you do not reach me call 773-508-8150, and then 773-508-8035.

People with Loyola ID's can use it to gain access 9AM-5PM weekdays. Call if you need handicapped access via the garden level and elevator.

Office Hours

My main office and office hour location is 207 Doyle Hall, Lake Shore Campus.

Monday - Thursday: 11:30AM-12:30PM

I am mostly available by phone 773-508-3569 during business hours. We can also set up a Zoom online meeting. You can also try Skype, gpd.cs.luc, from your computer or from the setup in the Doyle Hall Computer Science offices. If you contact Skype user gpd.cs.luc from your own computer, please note in your request for connection that it is for advising about our graduate program.

If you have a factual question or want to suggest something or make another comment, e-mail is fine. Requests for help with a process are better discussed in real time.