Dr. Andrew N. Harrington

Email Addresses:
gpd@cs.luc.edu as Graduate Program Director
aharrin@luc.edu as professor
Web Page: anh.cs.luc.edu

I prefer emails instead of voice messages, particularly at Lakeshore, where I share the phone.

Office Hours

In addition to some office hours listed below at Lewis Towers and Cudahy Science, I also do office hours via Skype: gpd.cs.luc, from your computer or from the setup in the Lewis Towers Computer Science suite. If you contact gpd.cs.luc from your computer, please note in your request for connection that it is for advising about our graduate program.

529 Lewis Towers (Watertower Campus), 111 E. Pearson St; 312-915-7982

The times below are my schedule, determined so far, specifically for face-to-face meetings at our Watertower campus. I am much more generally available by phone during normal business hours at 312-915-7982. Basic factual questions for my GPD role can also be handled easily by email, gpd@cs.luc.edu.

Thursday Apr 28: 2:30 - 4PM
Wednesday May 4: 4:00-5:30PM
Monday May 9: 4:00-5:30PM

If you come to see me at Lewis Towers, and you are not a current student, tell security desk staff that you are coming to see me. Take the elevator to the 5th floor, turn left, and go to Suite 520 at the far end of the hall.

This is building 5 in the campus map. Note the CTA Red Line stop and the parking locations which allow validation in Corboy Law Center, 25 E. Pearson. For reduced parking rates at least some of the time: See the parking validation restrictions.

Lakeshore 417 Cudahy Science (see directions below); 773-508-3783

Saturday May 7: 3-4 PM

My office is a bit of a chore to find: Cudahy Science (not the Cudahy Library) is directly opposite the Information Commons across the green. It is the only building on campus with an observatory dome on top. Though there is an entrance to the building from the east, which goes to the second floor, the main staircases and elevator are on the west side. The further north stairwell only also has a very slow elevator, if you like. I sit directly over the landing of the northwest stairwell, so you go all the way to the top floor, and turn to the side and go to the little hallway heading west between the two stairwells. (Do not go straight forward from the stairs to the doorway to the main hall that runs all the way down the building north-south.) My office door is in the little hallway between the stairwells. Go just past the mailboxes to Room 417 on the right. I generally sit at a desk around the corner from the office door in this L shaped office, so I am not usualy visible from the doorway.

Meetings also by appointment, particularly on the days listed above.