Some Special Mac Instructions


Starting The Idle Shell

In the Finder, go to Applications, then into the Python 3.1 folder (or whatever the number of the current distribution is), and open the IDLE application.

Opening Files into Idle (Two choices)

Saving Files

If you have modified a file and want to save it under a new name, go to the File menu and use Save Copy As, NOT Save As.  The latter saves a copy of the Shell history, not the program you are editing.  It is easiest if you save all files in the same folder:  my examples folder.

Running Program Files

Make the Edit window for the file you want active, then go to the Run menu and select  Run Module.  Note the F5 shortcut key.

Running Graphics (Chapter 2)

The graphics window comes up behind an unneeded Console Window.  You can close the console window, and click on the graphics window title bar to bring it to the front.

Chapter 4

Still working on getting a local server working correctly.  Hopefully more later.... but meanwhile you may need to test stuff out in a campus Windows lab, sorry.