Hands-on Python Tutorial Major Change Log

December 2, 2008

WWW examples for Chapter 4:  edited commonFormFields.html for further clarification

October 29, 2008:

Chapter 3:
Added a real-world file processing example at the very end, bbassign.py, that I use to modify Blackboard assignment downloads.
Chapter 4
Added extra reminders in several of the homework exercises.
Added extra real-world example survey processing programs

September 29, 2008:

Chapter 2:
Added missing example file printFile.py
Chapter 3
Added extra exercise on polygonal paths
Added extra example file bounceWhile.py

September 15, 2008:

Chapter 2:
Added playing computer in 2.2.1, previously referenced but not included.
Modified madlib2.py in 2.3.2 to simplify the changes for the madlib3.py file exercise.

September 13, 2008:

Fixed one typo that messed up all section numbers in chapter 1 after 1.5.2!

September 9, 2008:

General: fixed typos, misspellings, few words of elaboration...

Chapter 1:  

August 24, 2008:

General: fixed typos, misspellings

Chapter 1:  

Aug 18, 2008  

Chapter 2:
Moved major pieces of the string sections around + small change in graphics

Chapter 3:
Revised the introduction to a for-loop for a list of tuples in chooseButton2.py

Aug 14, 2008  

Chapter 1: