Algorithms Schedule and Assignments, Spring 2019

Links for exam reviews and notes may be inaccurate (not updated) or missing until their introduction during class.

"Prep" means preparation done before class, with your questions always noted for discussion in class! Ideally read earlier than just before class, so you can post general questions you want addressed into Piazza in time for me to note them, and maybe others add "Me, too!".

Sometimes extra In Class activities are mentioned (besides questions and active use of preparatory reading).

The general homework pattern is introduction on a Tuesday, and then work is due in the following week: assigned solver due date is the following Monday, the assigned reviewer writes on Tuesday, the rest of the class comments on Wednesday, I go over things that did not get resoloved on Thursday. The Tuesday when the reviewer is reporting on one assignment, the next assignment is introduced.... A week after I wrap up some assignments there is a quiz made available after class on that assignement and 1-2 previous asignements, due the following Monday by noon.

General Assignment Information

Tentative Schedule and Assignments

Tuesday January 15

Thursday January 17

Friday January 18

Tuesday January 22

Thursday January 24

Monday January 28 Due: HW1

Tuesday January 29

Thursday January 31

Monday February 4 Due: HW2

Tuesday February 5

Thursday February 7

Classes online from here through April 10 (except midterm exam)

Monday February 11 Due: HW3

Tuesday February 12 In Zoom

Thursday February 14

Monday February 18 Due: Due: HW4

Tuesday February 19

Thursday February 21

Monday, February 25

Tuesday, February 26

Thursday, February 28

Monday - Friday, March 4-8, vacation week

Tuesday, March 12: review

Thursday, March 14
In-class Midterm exam with 3 pages of notes + Appendix A, Remember your notes.

Monday, March 18 Due HW6

Tuesday, March 19 (back to Zoom)

Thursday, March 21: more dynamic programming practice

Monday, March 25 (drop date) Due: HW7

Tuesday, March 26

Thursday, March 28

Monday April 1

Tuesday April 2

Thursday, April 4

Monday April 8 Due: HW9

Tuesday, April 9 - review and synthesis of ideas

Thursday, April 11: Takehome quiz 3 link distributed after class; See Quiz 3 topics

Classes back to on campus starting Apr 16

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16 - review and synthesis of ideas in Cuneo

Wednesday, April 17

Thursday, April 18 - review and synthesis of ideas

Monday April 22

Tuesday April 23 - review and synthesis of ideas

Thursday, April 25 - review

April 30, Tuesday 1PM: Final Exam, with 4 sides of notes + appendix A; review material