Andrew Harrington

Programming Experience

At Loyola University Chicago, 1983-present:

Taught Computer science courses ranging from introductory programming to graduate graphics and microprocessors.  Developed a wide variety of programming projects for illustration and bases of student projects.  Web development for my ongoing, online course on data structures in Java.  Ongoing design and development of a package to integrate automated and interactive grading.
At Iterated Systems, 1988-1990:
Designed and developed software used in commercial Fractal Image Compression.  Designed and developed interactive software for 3D imaging and analysis of plant roots.  Designed and developed an interactive program on Macintosh computers generating fractal images.
At Georgia Institute of Technology, 1976-1983:
Conceived and developed programs for research in fractals and chaos.  Developed grading programs on mainframe computers.
At Brookhaven National Laboratory, Summer 1971:
Wrote Fortran code for theoretical physics simulations.
At John Hancock Insurance, Summers 1969-70:
Systems programming in assembly language on IBM mainframe computers
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