Check on Tutorial Work of Chapter 3

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40 points

Work through Chapter 3 of the Hands-on Python Tutorial.  

Optional sections: 

Submit a single archive of assignment files, and also submit a log as a separate file.  The log is definitely a requirement.  I will return comments about grading without a log, but the comments will not be copied into the official grade book without a log, and hence will remain as counting 0. 

Here is the list of files you need make sure are included. If you saved this work under some other name, please rename as I specify below.

Same instructions as before for log.txt:  Every individual should separately submit a personal file log.txt.  This should be a plain text file with exactly this name.  (You can create it in Idle if you like.) Your homework grade will not be recorded without this file!  Include in the log.txt file:
  1. Areas where you received help other than from your partner.  Include from whom (me, TA, which tutor), and the extent.
  2. Roughly how long you worked for Chapter 3 beyond class time.  Try to separate time on the basic assignment from any extra credit you did.
  3. Briefly, how it went for you, for instance what was the hardest part to get ...
  4. Who your partner was if you had one, or "No partner"  If you changed partners, indicate which files were produced with which partner, if possible.
  5. If you had a partner, give an indication of how things went with your partner.  Was working together a good thing?  Did you work together remotely online?  How did it go?

If you worked with a consistent partner through the whole assignment, only one of you needs to submit the archive, but make sure each partner has their own copy! Each student should separately submit an independently written log file.

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