Comp 150 Schedule and Assignments, Spring 2018

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Links for assignments and exam reviews may be inaccurate (not updated) or missing until their introduction during class.

"Prep" means preparation done before class, with your questions always noted for discussion in class! Sometimes extra In Class activities (besides questions and active use of preparatory reading) are mentioned. Written assignments, Due, should be turned in to Sakai by the end of the day listed (11:55PM).

Tutorials refer to the Hands-on Python Tutorial, with text at

Get the videos. The syllabus discusses how to obtain the videos for the listed sections.

Either look at videos and then read/skim the text, or text-oriented people may be happier just doing a detailed reading most of the time. In any case play along with the activities before we meet synchronously.

Sections listed just with numbers, like 1.12.2, refer to the Tutorial. Sections listed with an N at the beginning, like N3B, are section of the separate notes, that are not principally about Python. Videos to go with these parts of these notes are also referenced in the syllabus.

The time scale for your preparation has some flexibility, since it is mostly through videos/reading at your pace and multi-part assignments where you are invited and encouraged to ask for individual help where needed on individual steps. On the other hand, exams and assignment due dates are scheduled. You have considerable risk if you get much behind the suggested schedule listed in Prep for each week. If you are used to being externally scheduled by the timing of regular face to face classes, with material fed from the instructor's mouth at a fixed rate, then you need to watch out particularly.

Reading/viewing preparation assignments are mostly listed by class. You are strongly recommended to break up the written assignments and do exercises as they come in the reading, absorbing and effectively testing yourself on one section before going on to the next, and getting help along the way as needed, to make you fully ready for the next section.

Not generally listed below, since they are entirely regular: Monday Journal entries discussed in the syllabus under Journal.

Daily Schedule

1/17 Wednesday

1/22 Monday

1/24 Wednesday
Prep: Python Tutorial functions 1.11, dictionaries 1.12
1/29 Monday
Prep: Python Tutorial 1.13 Loops
1/31 Wednesday
Prep: Python Tutorial 1.14, hw questions ready!

2/5 Monday

2/7 Wednesday
Prep: Tutorial 2.4 , 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.5 (2.4.5 has no video)
2/12 Monday
Do Exam 1 (review materials)
2/14 Wednesday
Prep: Tutorial 2.4.6-8, 2.4.10 (read/demo ), 2.5

2/19 Monday

2/21 Wednesday
Prep: Python Tutorial 3.1.7 - 3.3.1
2/26 Monday
Prep: Python Tutorial 3.3.2. - 3.3.4 through

2/28 Wednesday

3/2 Friday
Due: Ch 3 Exercises

3/5-9 week: Spring Vacation

3/12 Monday
Prep: Python Tutorial 4.4.1-3
3/14 Wednesday
Do Exam 2 (review materials)
3/19 Monday
Prep: Python Tutorial 4.4.4

3/21 Wednesday

3/26 Monday Note this is Drop Date, ending at 5PM
Prep: Pip assembler through 4E in web notes (videos N4, N4A, N4B, N4C, N4D, N4E)

3/28 Wednesday

4/2 Monday No class - end of Easter holiday; journal entry still due

4/4 Wednesday

4/9 Monday

4/11 Wednesday
Do Exam 3 (Review materials)

4/16 Monday

4/17 Wednesday
Prep:Databases, (video SQL in Wrapup)

4/23 Monday

4/25 Wednesday (last class)

5/3 Thursday
Final Exam 4:15-6:15PM (Review)

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