Comp 150 - Introduction To Computing, Online, Summer 2017

Dr. Harrington is the URL for class meetings.

This page is the center of public information added throughout the course. Initially, please see the Course Syllabus, about course content, administration, and requirements. That page will introduce and point to the other important documents. Looking at them as they are introduced in the syllabus is an easy way to keep on track. Alternately, or later for reference, you can look at the sublist underneath the syllabus link below -- links to the other documents.

Look at the Prep assignment due at the start of the first class!

The class meets online Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6PM at

To get used to the technology, please try to join us to get up to speed on the online tools a week before the regular class:

Monday May 15, at 5:30PM.

Before joining your first meeting, go over instructions and videos on the page for Adobe Connect. Particular points people have missed: earphones and a quiet space are very important.