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This is a pair assignment worth 5 points.

Turn in a single plain text file for the answers called SQL.txt. (Also remember your log file, log.txt, in the usual format.)

This follows the video on the sqlzoo.net.  This homework is interwoven with comments in the notes on SQL.  Below is just the exercises extracted from there:

Tutorial 3:   Nobel; HW:  3,4

Tutorial 6:  Join: Look at JOIN syntax, HW:  7

Tutorial 7:  Two joins:  8, 9

You only need to paste in the questions and your SQL  (from the left side of the screen).  The answers are not required (but they are good for your own reference).

Remember to turn in your work online.  Have one member turn in the SQL.txt file for the work and each turn in log.txt in the usual format: indicating your hours working on the homework, what was challenging, and an assessment of your contribution and an assessment of your partner's contribution.

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