Comp 170 Schedule: Reading, Written Assignments, Class Activities

Spring 2015

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This schedule is approximate. Some things may well take more or less time than projected here. Be sure to keep up with where we really are in class.

Videos are all in the folder at They can be downloaded all at once (preferably overnight!) or individually. They should also be available for the first few days of class on a DVD that you can copy quickly in class. The videos were made at various times and a few things have changed in the written text. Be sure to first look at the 00.README.html file,

Labs are listed for the class when you should be working on them. The TA should check off your completion during the same class or, if you need more time than the one class, the TA should check you off at the beginning of a class within the next week. You should submit a lab electronically only if you cannot connect with the TA by the next lab period. There are not videos for the labs.

Assignments are to be turned in on the date where they are listed below as due, generally by 11:55PM, not class time. For planning purposes, they may be posted in the assignments before I have finalized them, so do not consider assignments official until the day I introduce them in class.

In general the date specified for preparatory reading/viewing (starting with Prep:) is the expected date for class discussion/use of the topic, so it should be complete before class. The dates may shift, but the schedule shows a sequence, and a current best guess at dates.

The book may list problems that are not explicitly in homework nor introduced as part of in-class labs. They are still good things to try, and ask about.

  • Prep: Chapter 1 through 2.6; videos available (except read 1.4).
  • Class: Mono csharp program, data, operations, variables, strings
  • Start introducing assignment due 2/3: Grade Calculation. All but the last little bit can and should be done shortly after the next class.
  • Prep: Reading/videos for the Functions Chapter 3
  • Class: work on modified painting.cs introducing a function
EXAM 1 - Exam review materials

3/2-6 Vacation

EXAM 2 (Review)
  • Make a special effort to be in class to chose project ideas!
  • Except for Exam 3, the remaining classes are working on your project.
  • Note (3/23), before next class, is Drop Date
Exam 3 (Review materials)
DUE: intermediate version of Final Team Project
5/1 Friday

1PM Final Project Presentations

First, fill out survey at

After the presentations turn in your individual team member assessments in Sakai.

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