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This course page provides quick links the are useful for Comp 170. If you are just starting, the place to go is the Ground Rules, which introduces all the other links on this page except the other programming languages.

Ground Rules Course administration and requirements -- READ THIS FIRST

Course Schedule and Assignments This is the main link for day-to-day progress.

Contact information, office hours

Web version of Notes

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Xamarin on a lab machine

Piazza course community

Class Examples folder (Our section's examples and handouts not linked directly to the formal book)

Pair Programming: Administration, How to Pair Program

Tutoring Schedule and Tutor Photos (Click on a name.) Check this out when you want some help!

Top 10 Topics in the course

External Resources

Another free C# book online, with a fair amount of overlap with our book is the Rob Miles CSharp Yellow Book: click on the book image at the top of This is concise, free, and often funny book. It is one alternative, an introduction and reference to C# with a glossary, central examples developing the ideas, but no practice or review exercises. This text also covers GUI programing, (though the GUI programming is Windows specific) which we are skipping in our course. It uses Microsoft Visual Studio.

Free interactive testing of your ability with basic C# syntax. This understanding is important before writing your own code. Advantages: free, gives step by step answers, adaptive to your level.

YouTube video: C# programming tutorial - Step by Step

This is a very good, and simple, introduction to many C# programming topics. It is often good to hear things introduced in more than oine way - not just the book/videos. The order is somwehat different than our text, so to follow this video, look at the topics in order (for example, you'll need to view the Arrays topic before you view the String topic).


This tutorial uses Visual Studio Express rather than Xamarin Studio, so the way the presenter creates programs, etc, will look different; just ignore that. It is one long video, so the jump to specific topics note the times listed before each topic:

Start at 9:14 (9 minutes, 14 seconds) into the video, topic Arithmetic:

09:14 Arithmetic

12:47 skip Visual Studio Tips -> go to next topic at 14:05

14:05 If Else
17:12 For Statement
19:28 While Loop
21:28 Do-While Loop
23:34 And & Or

27:06 skip Visual Studio Tips -> go to next topic at 27:29

27:29 Switch-Case (not covered in COMP 170, but may be useful)
29:30 Data Types
30:45 Arrays
39:26 String
45:05 Review
51:07 Exercise A
54:21 Exercise B
56:36 Exercise C
This gets you started.

Python (another excellent free object-oriented language, that I will sometimes make passing reference to for comparison)

Java Developers' Page C# has evolved partly from Java, and we are likely to make some comparative references.