Comp 170-400, Compressed Introduction to Computer Science: Dr. Harrington

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This course will be an introduction to programming, ending up in Java, like the other Comp 170 sections, but with an easier start, using Python. This course is intended for quickly starting grad students or mature aspiring graduate students who are transitioning from another field. You should be looking to compress into one regular semester both this introduction and Comp 271-400, the compressed data structures course.

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to start looking at the course's text before the first class. It will speed things up if you can work through as much of the first two chapters of as you can before the first class.

Time and Days: Mondays (4:15 PM - 8:15 PM) replacing holiday/vacation Mondays with Fridays (4:15 PM - 8:15 PM). So the Monday/Friday class schedule is: Mon, Aug 28; Fri, Sept 8; Mon, Sept 11; Mon, Sept 18; Mon, Sept 25; Mon, Oct 2; Fri, Oct 13; and Mon, Oct 16. Labs meet on consecutive Thursdays, 4:15 pm - 6:30 pm: Thurs, Aug 31 through Thurs, Oct 19.

Note: Classes are in a lab, but you or your partner, if you choose one, are strongly encourages to bring a notebook computer configured the way you need it.

This course page provides quick links the are useful for Comp 170-400. If you are just starting, the place to go is the Ground Rules, which introduces all the other links on this page.

Ground Rules Course administration and requirements -- READ THIS FIRST

Course Schedule and Assignments This is the main link for day-to-day progress.

Contact information, office hours

Python text first

Local updated version of Java for Python Programmers old original

Example source and review documents


Pair Programming: Administration, How to Pair Program

Tutoring Schedule and Tutor Photos (Click on a name.) Check this out when you want some extra help!

Top 10 Topics in the course